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Multi-layer PCBA.

Turnkey Policies


Our perspective is very simple. We will never compromise on quality. We are completely committed to the highest standards, and seek customers who understand and appreciate this point. There are NO negotiations on this vital aspect of our organisation. 

Security of design: 

It is not our policy to proceed with any potential customer, before a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is in place. Therefore assuring security for all of our customers. 

Price Reduction / Cost Saving:

Turnkey Manufacturing Limited can almost certainly enhance your profit margin if the product is being manufactured in the UK. That is quite a declaration, but many of our existing customers will not only fervently agree with the assertion, they have seen increased profit margins to back up the statement with figures from their own balance sheet.


Quality Inspection Unit.

Quality Inspection Unit


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Turnkey Manufacturing Limited 2005
Turnkey Manufacturing Limited provides a high quality printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) facility, utilising Chip on Board (COB), Surface Mount (SMT) and Through Hole (IMT) technologies. In addition we also provide complete turnkey assembly solutions.