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About Turnkey Manufacturing Limited

When Turnkey Manufacturing Limited was founded, the two original directors wanted a name that not only could be remembered, they wanted it to portray exactly what the company did, and was capable of.

If you spend some moments with a dictionary, and look up “Turnkey” the explanation will read something along these lines:

Concise Oxford Dictionary 

“Providing for a supply of equipment in a state ready for operation”.

This is exactly what Turnkey Manufacturing Limited has provided and continues to provide for their customers. Whether it is a complete finished piece of equipment, (fully tested and in a packed box ready for sale to the end user) or a fully tested printed circuit board assembly, ready to be fitted into a larger OEM product, ready for sale. No costly testing or inspection, just ready to use with the knowledge that it will work first time every time. 

All at a very competitive price, enabling Turnkey’s customers to enhance their profit margins.


Hand soldering line.

Hand soldering line

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Turnkey Manufacturing Limited provides a high quality printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) facility, utilising Chip on Board (COB), Surface Mount (SMT) and Through Hole (IMT) technologies. In addition we also provide complete turnkey assembly solutions.