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Through Hole (IMT) PCBA.

Lead Free PCBAs

In accordance with the European directive on Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), which came into effect 1st July 2006, Lead will not be permitted in any Electronic Assemblies supplied after that date. Lead free indicates a total of less than 0.1% lead by weight. This applies to both individual electronic components, which must be procured certified lead free, and the Printed Circuit Board Assembly, which must be manufactured using alternative lead free solders. 

Turnkey Manufacturing Limited are positioned to provide high quality Certified Lead Free Assemblies, produced on dedicated lead free Production Lines. 

For further details download our Lead Free fact sheet.


Lead Free Flow Soldering.

Lead Free Flow Soldering




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Turnkey Manufacturing Limited provides a high quality printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) facility, utilising Chip on Board (COB), Surface Mount (SMT) and Through Hole (IMT) technologies. In addition we also provide complete turnkey assembly solutions.